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Our Story

Eco Synergy Systems is an established high-tech firm specialised in the research, Development, engineering, and marketing of Eco solutions, We have Professional engineers always at the forefront of Eco products. We're especially well-placed in the field of ECO thermal management.


Founded under the concept of merging the highest European, Australian, Asian and American business ideals, Eco Synergy Systems has rapidly emerged as a leading manufacturer and full-service distributor of Energy Saver products and Energy Management. With offices in the USA, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, France, Singapore, Thailand, and the Middle-East, Eco Synergy Systems enjoys the synergy of diversified and well - established network.


Our products are patent designed and environmentally friendly giving the best ever saving effect. We have established a worldwide sales network which enables our services to be cost effective and beneficially offered to customers worldwide.

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Our Vision

Eco Synergy Systems can help lower the impact and cost in terms of carbon emission and reduced consumption of power. While helping Australian businesses to save thousands of dollars for their lasting success these proven results are a great reward for the environment. Eco Synergy Systems Knows that it is not always the case that the amount of electricity you receive is equivalent to the amount you use. In fact, many consumers are billed for wasted energy.


With the price of electricity continually increasing, we are encouraged to make alternatives and make sure the correct power is used either by appliances or awareness. Being considered to cut down your power consumption is not a privilege we take lightly. We always commit to do everything possible to ensure that our clients have a great experience with us and that we achieve an excellent result on power savings.

Sustainable Energy

Eco Synergy Systems technology was developed in Germany by engineers with the hospitality industry within their development criteria. Our patent designed devices are endorsed by all electricity suppliers and Solar companies. By correcting the power factor and voltage supply your business improves network efficiency and releases capacity from the network that can be better utilised for other consumers.  Our highly intelligent devices correct both Solar and Grid supply of electricity.


Eco Synergy Systems reduce phase divergence of current, cut down the power consumption, stabilise voltage, restrain currents abrupt change and improve the Power Factor. Balancing electricity supply achieves a saving in energy consumption (kWh) and a reduction in maximum demand (KW & KVA). The benefits include improved power quality, less equipment maintenance, improved equipment life, and reduced energy consumption. This all results in significant cost savings

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Power Factor Correction Units - will work in the following manner;

Capacitor Bank : will correct and increase the power factor to a stable 0.95 - 0.99 achieving the best power factor relative to the load,also increasing the life of all appliances with inductive motors.

Regulator : Regulate the harmonic current and to keep voltage at 240 or 380 volts improving the network efficiency and lead to having a clean and stable network.

Stabiliser ; Stabilise the incoming current as it will eliminate any power surge of electricity, also minimising the increase of power consumption in the peak intervals by achieving more saving proportional to the loads

( brings more phase into operation automatically ).



Voltage Optimisation: Aims to reduce electricity usage, power demand and cost by reducing supply voltage will see the immediate draw down of consumption on the meter clamp or voltage meter.


Aussie Powernator devices maintain a steady and reduced output voltage, with independent phase control that further protects electrical equipment and prolongs equipment life. Further, the ability to adjust the incoming voltage ensures a stable and reliable power supply to businesses and equipment.


END Oil Fouling


The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

Oil Fouling of the heat transfer surfaces of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, will cause a loss of efficiency that will continue to accumulate. ASHRAE confirms that performance is degraded by as much as 30% due to the build-up of lubricants on internal surfaces. Higher percentages up to 40% have been observed in systems 20 years old, or older.

  • Oil Fouling creates a “permanent” insulating barrier of compressor oil inside the inner walls of refrigeration tubing.

  • Due to the insulating properties of the compressor oil, heat transfer in the refrigeration tubing is impeded.

  • This insulating barrier degrades system performance by 20% and higher; causing the system to run longer and increase energy costs.

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