Reset of Capacity Charge Volume

In some instances, the capacity charge may be reset, either by Ausgrid or at the request of a retailer on behalf of a customer. Retailers are responsible for advising Ausgrid of the customer’s capacity reset requirements.

Where a customer plans to permanently reduce their network capacity the customer should provide Ausgrid written notice through their retailer before the planned reduction is to occur. Permanent decreases are a result of the movement in demand due to either planned work to decrease the demand, such as decommissioning the plant or changing plant operations, or when load management equipment is installed. The decrease in capacity will need to be expected to last for at least twelve months before a reset of the Capacity charge will be approved by Ausgrid. A temporary reduction in capacity requirements will not result in a reset of the Capacity charge. The customer will be required to provide relevant documentation that justifies the expected reduction in the level of billable maximum capacity. As an example, in the case of a factory being converted to a warehouse, a Certificate of Compliance Electrical Works (CCEW) will be required as evidence of the decrease in capacity.

The customer will be advised by Ausgrid of the Billable Maximum Capacity level (reset) that will apply.

Ausgrid will also consider resetting the Billable Maximum Capacity in the following circumstances:

Where a customer has implemented a demand management initiative which will permanently reduce the peak demand at the installation, such as power factor correction; or

Where an increase in the Billable Maximum Capacity has been caused by a change to the network configuration initiated by Ausgrid;

Customers that exceed their new Billable Maximum Capacity will see an increase in the capacity charge as usual. Customers may only request one reset per year.

A customer wishing to apply for a reset of the Billable Maximum Capacity may make an application to Ausgrid’s National Electricity Market Support group, by completing the Network Tariff and Threshold Change Application Form (see Appendix A) and emailing it to: nemsrpops@ausgrid.com.au.